EP 46: Faking With Benefits by Lily Gold

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Hannah hey everybody Welcome to Smart

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so Vance always for listeners who don't

know my husband he does all of our

recordings and gets everything set up

and then just like lets us do our thing

but he'll come back in throughout the

record like just make sure like

everything's still going and my favorite

is just watching his face cuz he always

walks in at the moments that I'm like no

no no no no you need context

no quite frankly though if we look at a

lot of the things that have happened on

this show does context make it

better I don't know probably not yeah

there's some stuff that you're like no

no no no no more detail doesn't really

help this situation um all right all

that said though what are we reviewing

go too far on I don't even know what

tangent this is um today we are

reviewing faking with benefits by Lily

gold okay yes

um yeah I'm just going to come out the

gate and say this is one that like I


enjoyed um so I know there are some that

were like Buckle

in we're all going on this roller

coaster and today I'm like hey if you

just need a a more

lighthearted Feelgood moment yeah like

you don't need weird [ __ ] happening you

don't need aliens you don't need

paranormal you just need some

contemporary although it is reverse

Harum okay um this is probably the most

like just like Feelgood ROM Kami like


Harum I think I've ever read although to

be fair our last episode we did record

that the zombie reverse herum which I

wouldn't say was as like cutesy but was

far more like emotional unless on like

the the

apocalypse side and more on the

emotional side of being in an apocalypse

well I think a lot of the reverse harms

because I I was thinking about it are

like uh more trauma bondy and very

sexually focused and it's just

not it doesn't feel like a true

connection like well it feels like a

like I'm always curious because it's it

it's so trauma Bondi yeah yeah that I'm

like so I've notic the epilogues are

only a couple years in the future is

that because we aren't going to make it

right like the like I I I wish all of

the characters the utmost success and

happiness in their relationships and

there's some relationships that you're

like well I don't know if they would

still be together a few books down the

road which is a very interesting thing

to think about because I feel like

you're always rooting for love and

you're always rooting for them and in

your head it's like oh the happily ever

after right and then you're like

but it's like what are the chances that

Diesel doesn't eventually kill Roxy from

den of vipers like you know even by

accident like you know he didn't even

mean to

exactly very likely yeah just was it

Axel or what was the one from altered by

fire not Axel oh I don't

remember I'll figure it out I'll think

it'll come to me Axel sounds right to be

honest but I don't think that's it no it

like it but it's in that energy hold on

I may actually

have there's Colt there's Hawk there's

Mason arson arson that was the one yeah

all right I feel perfectly good with my

axle guess close enough arson was close

all right so faking with benit Benefits

is a different energy different energy

we meet Leila Leila is super hardworking

she owns her own lingerie boutique

that's like very very successful um and

she is Dreadful at love so we learned

that like she's throughout the book

we'll learn she's made a lot of she she

lives by her list they help her stay

organized she's had some difficult times

throughout her life so having list and

organization and goals is very very

helpful for her so the book opens and

Lea's on a date and she's like yeah so

like I I'm going to have kids in the

next few years and then this and then

that like the DAT is sitting there and

he's like the [ __ ] you're talking about

kids this is our first date and she's

sitting there and she's like this date

is going great but like all of like the

descriptions of the man you're sitting

there and you're like it's not going

great um and she's just prattling on and

he's like I got to use the bathroom oh

no so he gets up and leaves um have you

ever done that have you ever done that

I've got to go to the bathroom

thing no really I've

never I think I like if I wanted to

leave a date

early I made up like I had a reason like

an excuse yeah to leave more than just

like I I don't think I'm built to ghost

someone in that way I would not sleep

well just leaving someone I think that's

most women though like most women walk

in with a plan I think but like I the

reason I asked this I was thinking about

so I got out of a very long-term

relationship and went on the first date

after that and the guy was banana pants

he was telling me about his PTSD from

when his cat passed away and that he was

bisexual and like all this other stuff

there was just a lot for a first date

that I wasn't prepar get there

eventually yeah he also looked radically

different than his uh profile picture he

was shorter than me which is fine but

I'm 5'4

on a good day you know um yeah I'm 5'7

and I have dated guys that are shorter

than me um who would still be taller

than you yeah yeah so he was he was

shorter than me and he was balding but

in all of his pictures he had a full

head of hair and he was probably 30 lbs

heavier than the pictures this isly

catfished a little bit Yeah and this was

all on Bumble so I was like okay so

we're at the bar and we're hanging out

and he went to go to the bathroom yeah

and the waitress actually came up to me

and was like honey you can go and I'll

tell him you had an emergency like

that's how bad it was the waitress was

like baby you need to go and so I did

what a real one I know I still think

about her I hope she's doing

well I support that that situation that

is different to me then like just we're

not clicking yeah

that he was so bad the waitress was like

baby girl just go the waitress was like

I need to save you from this situation

she was well so the waiter does also

come up to Leila um because the waiter's

like cuz she's like yeah man he's been

in the bathroom for a while I hope hope

he's like doing okay and there the

waiter comes up and he's like so your

date isn't coming back and she's like no

he's in the bathroom and he's like we

found him trying to escape through the


window and she's like wait what and he's

like he did pay for your food though so

like he right um and so as she's having

this conversation and she's we also this

was her 120th first date in the last

like two years why would you count that

because she loves list an organization

okay fair fair enough right yeah so as

she's sitting there having this

conversation with the waiter the chair

pulls out across from her at the table

and he's like sorry I'm like late love

or like whatever and it's her neighbor

who was at the bar with a hookup who we

got bored with and then like was

watching this happen and went to save

his neighbor um but then he's sitting

there and he's like what is this like

[ __ ] squirrel food restaurant we're

at no we're leaving like we're out like

no one no one should have to eat what

looks like dirt like just kind that

energy yeah yeah yeah he's like where

are the meat and potatoes like yes and

he's also apparently like it he so this

is Zach Zach is an expressional rugby

player okay who like looks like a

viking I'm sorry I played rugby in

college and I don't look like I used to

play rugby I never knew you played rugby

in college I

did and were you in the kindest way I

can say this were you good no like I

knew what you were going to ask the

answer is there a way to like the answer

is no but I had a lot of fun yeah yeah

we weren't serious there was a lot of

drinking involved oh it was one of those

yeah it wasn't like sanctioned by the

school or anything it was like a club


oh so it's not like you like you're like

yeah there were girls on Rugby

scholarships there it was like everyone

was just there for fun yeah yeah that

does feel slightly different I would

engage in rugby in that it was really

fun yeah yeah yeah I've always I've told

my husband he'd be a great rugby player

he would he's built for it he really is

built for rugby it's true um he's not

built for all of the martial arts that

he does I think I've told you the story

before but he was once um at a

competition in Japan and some I was not

with him on this trip but someone was

live streaming the competition um from

the school he was representing so I was

watching it on Facebook and it wasn't

great quality and you're like yeah

you're trying to live stream it's there

in Japan we're all in like Jes

right and I was like I can always tell

where Vance is um because his chest is

so broad the ghee doesn't cover it yeah

so I was like whenever I look if I just

look for the bear

chest I can find my husband in this

competition there he is oh there's pant

perfect yeah so um Zach saves her from

the date um

and what else do we do we learn about I

mean he like takes her out to a bar to

go drinking instead and they just kind

of have like a nice night and and hang

out we she's like very upset cuz she's

off her 10-year plan and she's like I'm

she's like I'm I'm pushing 30 she's 28

she's like I was supposed to start

dating at at 25 so I'd have the person

I'd like do this and like and it's not

working out and I don't know why none of

these dates are going how I want them to

go but I'm really trying somebody

is a lot somebody is Tai somebody likely

has a trauma

history yeah you somebody needs therapy

and potentially

medication all of it yeah yeah you're

1,00% um so after they are done drinking

Zach is like let's get some real food in

you um he's like just come back to our

place they live across the hall he's

like I'll make you food so Zach lives

with two roommates we have Josh who's

like 6 foot five I think he's half

Vietnamese I want to say okay um and

it's like very like serious and stoic

and then we have Luke who was

ironically um Leila's 10th grade English

teacher okay yeah who is divorced and

was like live like just happened to be

living with these guys as roommates and

she moved in across the hall and he's

like what are you doing here she's like

what what are you doing here so she

wouldn't have seen him for 12 years 10

years like there was no relationship he

last saw her as like a 16-year-old then

the next time he saw her she's like a

grown ass woman with her own

business and what sounds like a very

like nice apartment building setup like

she makes very good money gotcha so all

three guys Zach Luke and Josh all

co-host a podcast called the three

single guys

podcast where they just give completely

ridiculous like dating advice and and

things of that capacity but they're very

successful at it and this is their


gig um also worth noting Luke the year

that he was Leela's teacher um it was

one of those where like he was married

to the Head mistress and what was his

last name Martins or something and like

first semester the head mistress was Mrs

Martins and the second semester she was

like Miss Ryan or like whatever the [ __ ]

the last name was yeah so like he was

also going through a lot of his own

personal [ __ ] the year he was her

teacher so didn't really have a he's

like yeah I just vaguely remember she

was a good student right quiet so

there's been a significant amount of

time between like his divorce and this

situation yes and when he knew

her yes like they were technically in

the same room together several days a

week while he was going through his

divorce but like really no interaction

or connection at all which will be a

thing throughout the book right where

like people like good God man it's been

10 years like she's not your student get

over lean into it yeah um so Luke's to

just really create this tangled web

right Luke's brother no I apologize

Luke's exwife okay

Amy is engaged to Josh's brother awkward

yes yeah and so they are getting married

and so when Zach and ilila get back to

the house and she's a little drunk or to

the apartment um Luke is getting he got

another invitation or a text or

something where his ex-wife is like are

you coming to our wedding or not people

are going to people are going to think

it's a big drama if you're not there so

I like you need to come to the wedding

and like show face like it's not a big

deal and there's no bad

blood excuse

me right why would you invite your ex to


wedding well I guess when the best man

is your ex's

roommate but still and business

partner but still yeah no still I still

can't get there no I was trying to like

make the connection but like no I still

can't get there I feel

that um so while she is drunk she's like

sad on their couch and tells them she's

like I'm sad my 10year plan isn't coming

together like I just a I don't know what

I'm doing wrong in this like very sweet

way and then she's like maybe like could

you guys like help could you like tell

me what I'm doing wrong and they're like

are you asking us to fake date you and

she's like I'll pay you and they're like

you're you're trying to pay us to and

like you can tell like Josh's feelings

are hurt when she like offers to pay

them and she's just like drunk and she's

like I'm so sorry I'm drunk I'm not in

the right like and just like gets really

embarrassed and takes off to her

apartment um and goes to

bed uh

the next morning she wakes up very hung

over starts her run and the guys record

the podcast on the weekend so they're at

the studio recording um and they've all

like kind of like reached out and sent

her like hey like you okay yeah like

good morning was like I left some

painkillers in your bathroom last time I

was there like if you like need any pain

meds like just like those sorts of of

things but while they're recording their

podcast their manager comes in and is

like your numbers are down there's like

a competitor Rel relationship advice

podcast he's like picking up momentum

like y'all need to do something um

because we'll drop you if your numbers

don't stay up right um which they're

also kind of frustrated with because

they're like three dudes helping people

navigate sex and dating and life but

like they're not allowed to

curse um yeah and things like that award

yeah cuz we curse a lot I actually when

I was reading it I was like I cannot

imagine I was like oh no cuz that's just

how how we

talk unfortunately yes yeah like my I

remember being very young in my parents

like getting upset with me and getting

in trouble for my language yeah and now

that I'm an adult I'm like I think this

is just how I've communicated this whole

time yep yep yep yeah so all right um

when I was in elementary school my dad

would do the morning drive um and it was

actually super smart we would play what

we called goat and it was like a

spelling game so someone would start and

like we'd go around the car so someone

would go okay the letter M and then you

would add everyone would take turns

adding a letter and your goal was not to

finish the word oh that's cool yeah so

your goal is like to keep adding letters

and if you finish the word you got a g

and then if you finish the next word you

got an O then you got an A then and if

you got a t course but for spelling

exactly yeah and so if you got goat you

were out for the rest of the the car

drive right that's fun yeah and also

like what a smart way to get your kids

spelling on the way to school and they

think it's a game so the the very last

day of fifth grade which was we for us

where I grew up it was the end of

elementary school so the very last day

or first day of the last day of school

right was that or was it the actual last

day of school none of this matters we're

playing I don't know what you said no I

don't know what I said we're playing

Goat in the car we're driving up I think

it was the last day of grade the last

pick up or the last drop off ever it's

me my dad and the little kid Andrew

kerberg who cped with us kerberg loved

him so much he was great um like three

years ago he posted on my Facebook for

my birthday he's like do you remember

when you asked if I stole your gel pens

I lied I totally did happy birthday and

I was like this is 25

plus oh my God I think I love Andrew

Kerber oh my God yes I dying last but

awesome so we start and I have the first

letter and I go f and Andrew goes U we

are pulling up in the line you see where

this is going my dad goes C I literally

opened the car door yelled K and slammed

it and ran into my last day of

elementary school and I'm

like do you think my dad just like

laughed the whole like you're not you

can't mad like I would have laughed the

whole way home I still think about that

I'm like I just want you get to the

office and you're like so you'll never

guess what my daughter just

did yeah so starting in fifth grade my

language was already an issue I like it

yeah but they can't curse on their

podcast it's frustrating to them they're

trying to figure out they're like okay

how can we get numbers up and then they

go okay well call ilila have her come

over and then they decide that they are

going to offer to fake date her as an

experiment for the show so like they're

going to like put together like a dating

boot camp on like the dos and don'ts and

they like take her out and then she'll

come on the show and be a co-host for

this segment and like go through the

whole thing okay um Josh and Zach are

both very about this Luke is like she's

my former student this feels weird I'll

host the segment but I don't really want

to participate um in dating her yeah

he's like that just feels do we know how

much older he is than her cuz I mean

teachers don't have to be that no he was

definitely in his 20s when cuz it was 10

years yeah he's almost 40 so I think

he's like 39 and she's that's not that

big a difference no I'm like he was in

his late 20s when he got divorced like

he was the teacher that everyone had the

crush on right um and there are some

like flashbacks where like we go back to

ilila in school and she was like a

scholarship kid and it was a really

bougie school and people were um not

kind to her about her wardrobe because

her uniform was like secondhand and she

kept having to patch it um but like

didn't have the supplies to patch it and

like he advocated he's like okay well

you can just use the Home Room during

lunch and just like very was like always

kind of that teacher if you will very

kind very empathetic yes mhm so they do

also agree they're like they're this

isn't going anywhere this is just for

the podcast if any if any real feelings

pop up well will end it like friendship

first the whole way right Mission yes so

all of them are in agreement with this

and get really excited um the first day

that they're recording the podcast is so

sweet she's clearly so nervous she

stayed up all night the night before to

listen to all of the episodes so that

she could prep um and like the guys are

like looking at and they're like you're

clearly overthinking this like it is not

that deep like it is okay and she's

like but what if I mess it up and get it

wrong and don't you guys practice

everything a million times before you do

it the first time just like

yeah just well why why wouldn't you

practice it a few times then you get it

right then no one can make fun of you oh

no honey I

know um and like she's afraid they would

make fun of her it's just this very

they're like oh okay there might be some

things like we need we need to work

through here which is also like because

then they move on and they're answering

questions about like squirting and group

sex and like it's like very like open

open brazen questions and she's like I I

don't want to do the wrong

thing yeah Lea's very endearing in that

way we like at one point in the book

they're like some people they're like

she's shy um and he's like and she

dresses like a supermodel and he's like

some people are like quiet and soft and

so like people think like they're

endearing he's like she's quiet and hard

he's like but she's really just like an

awkward nerd but people just think she's

a [ __ ] because she's like just cuz

she's hard yeah because she's hard and

he's like she is kick-ass and has her

own business and it's like does all of

these things but just like isn't like

warm and fuzzy yeah and I appreciated

that like she's not warm and fuzzy and

it's also not an issue right not

everybody has to be no I appreciate in

the zombie reverse Herm that we were

last time and this one that

like both women just kind of like own

who they are right um and it's not this

like wo is me like she'll beat herself

up in this book but it's not beating

herself up in like like a I'm so frumpy

who would want me it's like a I like

it's an actual like oh I made this

mistake what will people like it's a

very different kind of it's not like I'm

blonde and tall and curvy who could

possibly want me yes it's like someone

who has like actual insecurity and is

very nervous about making the wrong

impression yeah well so then they go on

their first dat at the bar and when she

gets there she like brings out a little

notebook that like has like date log on

the front so she can take her notes

on everything they say and they're like

oh Jesus

okay I think we found it I think we

found the issue yeah Josh and Zach are

like okay we know where we're starting

now and they're like go flirt with that

guy at the bar well first they're she

they're like you're you're going to try

flirting with someone she's like what

about that guy they're like he has a

wedding ring they're like what about

that guy they're like his boyfriend

might not be okay about it they're like

maybe that's your problem it's been 120

dates because you can't even find the

eligible single ones a so is it just

Josh and and Zach Zach at the okay yeah

so Luke is still not participating at at


point um Leila goes to the bar to try

and flirt with this guy it is not going

well she like gets awkward she gets

clammy like to the point where the guy's

like were you only in this for a free

drink and she's like I can buy my own

drinks and he's like you don't even seem

like you want to be here she's like I I

was into you she like do you you can

have my drink he's like I'm a man I

can't drink wine she's like fine prick

here's 10 quid and

and then she like goes back to the table

and she's like so how did that go the

guys are like maybe we have some room


improvement oh

no yes poor thing but also like Josh is

like getting annoyed watching her like

ah and and Zach is like hey man so

you've been actually into her for a

while um and Josh is like well you're

into her too and he's like I think she's

hot and fun he's he like but you like

have feelings for her it's different

yeah and he's like why did you sign up

for this to like make yourself miserable

and they're like well you

know touche um but when she gets back to

the table the guy's like okay like let's

maybe kind of like ease you into this

like Josh starts like practice flirting

with her and it's like going well until

she realizes it's going well and then

she like freezes and at one point Josh

is like do you want me to repeat my l

for a yes it's so endearing that's


sweet um and they also oh cuz then Zach

sits in on like the other side of her

and she's like oh I'm so overwhelmed a

hot man on like either side of me and

they're like we're good at sharing like

we used to share mon like we were dating

Monica until recently and she's like

yeah Monica who they always like talk

about on the show is like they're like

old like like girlfriend when they had

when they were in a group relationship

and at some point their guys are like

you know Monica is real right like she's

not someone we made up for this

like oh no and she's like oh oh no I

thought that was just for the show and

they're like no we don't lie on the show

Monica was our actual

girlfriend ah I see yes

okay okay any questions thus far no I

think I'm tracking so there's context

here where these two have shared a

partner in the past and I think Luke was

a of that relationship as well okay so

all three have shared a partner in the

past yes so the idea of sharing for them

would not be like wild yes it's not out

there or crazy for them to consider

right um she's just sitting there like

oh my like that just feels like in my

wildest dreams like not things that

happen in reality so has she ever had a

relationship I don't think she's ever

had a boyfriend she's had like one night

stands okay so that was my next question

like is she a virgin no cuz Zach asked

he's like so how do you he's like I've

seen you bring guys home so how do you

do that because I just watched how that

went like and and she goes well I go up

and I ask if they're single and he's

like good start and then she's like and

then I ask if they want to sleep with me

and he just starts dying laughing and

he's like yeah that'll work like well

because like the reason I asked is

occasionally that Trope of

like the girl without experience is like

okay for me but in general it really

irritates me well it irritates me when

they're like I'm a I'm a virgin I kissed

one boy eight years ago yeah sure stick

a finger in my [ __ ] the first time

you're kissing me and you're like what

what like this is not the natural


of discovering your sexuality well and

it's also not like if you have an

attentive partner that's not how they're

going to approach you if that's the

situation and so it just none of it is

realistic it's just I don't like it are

you saying the books we read aren't

realistic you know something about The

Moth Man

um we had a giant moth on our window

recently and I I looked at him and I

thought not a big enough moth and then I

just moved

on I read another monster reverse hair

um that had a moth man in it and it was

a lot to

experience it was a lot to experience it

was a

lot yeah it was a lot but also I had on

a different crypted I had on a Bigfoot

hat while I was on vacation recently in

Arizona and we were in a crystal shop

because my husband is obsessed with

rocks apparently which is fun to find

out after seven years together and he

couldn't stop looking at all these

rocks the guy there was like is that

Bigfoot on your hat and I was like yeah

yeah it is he's like I have a Bigfoot

necklace it moves like the arms and the

legs move was he wearing it yeah he was

so excited so then we did wind up buying

some crystals like I got a ring and Matt

got a rock you know whatever and um the

guy like uh cleansed the crystals or

whatever um and so he did this whole

thing where he put him in a a bowl and

he said an intention and like whatever

and he had to say our full names so I

gave him my name and it took him like

three or four times to get it right it

was really kind of funny and then Matt

gave him his name and we have different

last names and so the guy goes have you

ever noticed that your names together

and we were like thunder Tain yeah

that's what all our friends call us and

he goes no no fun party you have all the

elements because Matt's last name is

part I love where his head was at yeah

he seems like a whole vibe he was really

fun and he gave us like a ton of um like

uh uh suggestions for restaurants and

like um things like that my Topo Chico

heart zeltzer was is sweating so

profusely it just sucked the coaster

onto the bottom and then let it go and

it fell to the floor she just Let It

Drop so if that's if you heard it yeah

that was what we were experiencing on

our end

unfortunately the crystal guy

recommended a uh vegan restaurant and

Matt won't eat vegetables so Matt was

like thank you so much man I really

appreciate you and then was like we

aren't going there well and but also

here's the thing I really respect that

because Matt just than for the

recommendation and I don't eat vegan


like I I just truly appreciate that that

was like a kind response when not

everyone does that he is a very kind

fellow yeah yeah

so that region is just a friendly

region in it's weird I mean not my

parents were't in Sedona but my parents

were um in New Mexico last year mhm for

work thing and it was when they had

their like giant hot air balloon

festival at my parents we met a a random

man at the grocery store and now we're

going up in in his hot air balloon

tomorrow for the festival we're going to

help him run it and I'm like wait what

we're doing what and then they FaceTime

me from inside a hot air balloon it was

not a great quality call but I was like

oh this is actually

happening I'm sorry if a stranger

invites me into a h air balloon in a


store I don't think that's legit no no

part of me is like I'm going to get

there and it's going to be an actual hot

air balloon festival no that's either

something sexual or they're there to rob

me like we I'm trying to get you

somewhere secluded an open field like

now I just keep thinking about what hot

air balloon would be as a euphemism

for yeah iot I hot air ballooned her

last night well

oh a lot of people have a latex thing


oh I don't want to combine those in my


no well I had some health issues and I

did have a balloon situation it was not

sexy the


[ __ ] it wasn't

good yeah I'm also assuming it wasn't a

hot air balloon size where it wasn't hot


balloon I had some medical issues there

was a balloon involved don't ask more


that's not what I okay so after the

after the practice date Zach and Josh

and ilila all get back to their

apartment and they're in the hall and

they're like so like what kind of

happens now and how do we end the date

and they were like oh well

like we'll like kiss you and she's like

oh I'm not a good kisser and like why

would you think you're not a good kisser

so like Zach they decide they're going

to going to give her I do they decide

it's going to be practice kiss I don't

know Zach kisses her it's very

passionate like super like they're

getting hot and steamy and then when the

like he pulls back and he's like I don't

think kissing is your problem he's like

so we can mark that off the list for

things we need to teach you you clearly

know how to kiss and she's like I'm

going to go to the bathroom and cool off

now because that kiss was a

lot yeah so she's like woo okay gonna go

splash some water on my face when she

comes out of the bathroom Josh is in the

hall and he's like well so like from a

data standpoint you only have like

one one

example to show that you're good so we

should really probably um get you a few

more data points for comparison I love

the logic so sweet and cute and so she's

like okay it's like they're kissing Luke

walks into the Hall sees them and is

like my bad and just like awkwardly like

walks out and so then like after the

kiss Lea's like okay what would you rape

me second data point where are we at he

goes six out of 10 and walks away when

it was clearly not a six out of 10 kiss

like it was clearly just as good as her

kiss with Zach six out of 10 we should

practice more you

see we're laying the groundwork I get it

yes um the podcast is doing well it like

she's being super well received

everyone's really into the segment it's

helping her sales with her lingerie

business like sales are booming CU that

was there were like instead of paying

her she was like I want two full minute

advertisement slots um where she's like

and not like a pre-recorded like I want

you like having a conversation with me

on air about it and they're like okay no

problem so her business is is going well

and then she gets an invite in the mail

um to her like or via it doesn't matter

she gets an invite to her 10-year High

School reunion oh no yeah and she's like

do I want to do I not want to and then

we learned like high school was pretty

miserable for her but she's considering

what she's going to do um we now are at

the second date with Josh they were

supposed to go out and then she had a

long day and Josh was like okay no

problem we'll just do it at the house so

when she shows up at their apartment

Josh has gone overboard

like Checker tablecloth candles flowers

like he hands her the flowers and she

like doesn't know what to she's like

thanks and he literally takes them back

he's like well you can't have them now

with a reaction like that she's like

what where am I supposed to put them

literally exactly what she said she's

like logistically what do I do with

flowers if someone hands them to me in a

restaurant like what like this just

cradle them gently like what am I

supposed to do with that put them next

to you on the table and move on she's

like I don't carry a vase with me like

it's just so

practical but I love that Josh is like

well you can't have them now give them

back if that's how you respond to the

flowers They're not your flowers anymore

so earlier you said something about

quidd so is this British yeah okay the

author is British okay um which I keep

having to remember because there are a

few words I'm like that's not how you

spell that one and there are a few

things that I'm like oh like they keep

calling her underwear pants oh right


right which I'm like but she just took

off her pants how does she have more

pants on she took off her trousers

exactly right yes the pants Remain the

struggle is

real I'll just like have a moment then

I'm like nope you're American and then I

just keep reading and move on with my

life WP WP well I'm reading another book

by the same author right now and she's a

British actress but they're in la oh no

and they're talking about like he like

one of the guys is like why do they have

both appetizers and Entre on the menu

and she's like because Americans call

main dishes

Entre and I'm like oh learning things

huh yeah that one had never been on my


before me either yeah but she's not

doing well with the start of this like

second day and Josh is is clearly like

really excited but has overdone it and

they're like okay we're going to rain it

in we're going to take our plates to the

couch we're just going to hang out make

it a little more chill we like have

casual yeah so they're on the couch end

up eating dinner there and relaxing um

and they just like actually start

talking and learning more about each

other cuz I think what they've all like

been friends and enjoyed hanging out

with each other they don't actually know

a lot of each other's history and

upbringing and and things like that and

Josh is the one that's had a crush on

her right yes okay okay but Zach is also

there at this point oh yeah in my head I

said that and then I realized I hadn't

said that but in my head everyone

already it was obvious that Zach was was

there with them as well but Luke was not

correct Luke is still not participating

in this just the the three of them

hanging out at this point and they

learned that her um one of her fantasies

while they're all sitting in the couch

talking one of her fantasies is to have

multiple partners and like have a

threesome is something that like they

would she'd be into they're like you

want to she's like okay and she's like

like right

now they're like we're going to put a

movie on and she's like like but I just

said we'd [ __ ] like what do you mean

you're going to put a movie on I love

her yeah and so they put on like Pride


Prejudice and she's like are you

[ __ ] me right now we could be

[ __ ] it's kind of her like she's like

like why am I looking at Kira nightly

yes like we could be banging trying to

like Kiss one of them and he'll be like

like kiss her lightly and then then

he'll be like shh watch the movie and

like turn her back so all of this being

a lot of buildup right like as watching

it like starting to cuddle more a hand

moves up the thigh um and yeah my exact

note says she has a great couch

gasm yeah which in case you were

wondering Hannah is just an orgasm that

takes place on a couch it's just a

location specific orgasm a location

specific orgasm noted office

gasm grocery store gasm the options are

endless we lead very different

lives I really don't think we

do I know honestly I instacart I don't

even know the logistics of how you just

watched me order my groceries I did I

did before we started this

episode oh my God I did watch you yeah

um no I've never I've never boned in a

grocery store no but

if I do and I come to completion I will

call it a grocery store gasm a gr gasm

that's I was like a gross gasm no

grocery gasm gr gasm gr gr the we're

asking the hard-hitting questions

today so um she has a great orgasm then

Zach is like my turn and like picks her

up throws her over his shoulder um and

takes her to his bedroom Josh follows

they spit roast her is really she is

very into it good for her they are into

how into it she is so it works well for

everyone yeah um and then in like the

post qual convo we do learn Zach and

Josh have actually been besties since

they were like toddlers they have grown

up together um there were several years

where they they didn't talk this all

comes about because Zach is wearing a

necklace that has a ring on it and Lea

tries to like just fiddle with it as

they're laying there and he grabs it

from her and won't let her touch it and

we learned that when he I think when he

was like 17 he'd given a promise ring to

his girlfriend who then um had a

terminal diagnosis that took her very

quickly the fult and Our Stars got it

yes within like several months she

passed away and

he then just like left his town cut off

communication and went and played

professional rugby for seven years mhm

had a knee injury um and then when he

was trying to figure out his next steps

was when Josh showed up and was

like come live with me and Luke come

join this podcast like kind of Josh kind

of gave him trajectory again if you will

um and so they're still very close but

they didn't talk for those like seven

years because Zach just like went MIA

from he never grieved he just

avoided yeah and [ __ ] his way through

all of the fans sure sure

um but that is kind of the additional

detail we learn post qule where yeah

you're kind of like oh they really maybe

didn't know much about each other's

histories because they've apparently

been neighbors for

years which I'm also like how did you

never meet Monica or see Monica then

right unless they always went to

Monica's place like they didn't want her

in their space or I mean I guess if it's

just like your neighbor and you're like

if I don't know my neighbors to be

honest yeah that's that's fair there's

always you're kind and maybe hang out

but if you're doing your own thing you

wouldn't know that they had a partner

right but the fact that Zach was like

well I've seen you bring one night STS

home before so like so I assumed a level

of closeness there well it could be that

Josh had a crush on her and was paying

attention cuz she sounds oblivious like

not in a a malicious or self-centered

way but just in a like lack of insight

way like she just doesn't she's just

like doing her thing and like going full

speed and like not slowing down to

consider that's you know that's very

fair um okay

so we now move forward this is

continuing they are now loving their

sexual relationship that has developed

within this fake dating um and Leila is

supposed to have a date with Zach and

Josh that night which there's also lot

of like oh that's what it was when the

date when Josh moved the date to the

house for a fancy restaurant she made a

comment about like not wanting to be

seen in public with two men cuz she

didn't know how like she didn't want

people to judge her or like she was like

well I don't want people to think I'm a

slag like that kind of and they're like

well why would they like what what is

are you planning on mounting us both

like why would yeah like why so that was

part of why they moved the date because

she hadn't which I think she explained

at the house like I don't think like she

like hey like could we not do that or

what have you and then at the house was

like this is this is kind of why um but

as things have continued things have

been going well but now we're just at a

date she's having a horrible day um

she's supposed to be releasing a new

line for her like a new collection for

her lingerie company in the next few

months pre-orders have been going great

especially with all of the stuff from

the podcast um but like the Supply

Company lost her order and she's like

well you took my money it's not in my

account and they're like you never place

the order so we can't give you the lace

and she like can't find the receipt and

then there's something wrong with like

the um discount code on her website and

she's getting emails like negative

reviews about like you should treat your

customers better than this and she's

like a one woman like doing it all and

is just so overwhelmed and trying her

best but it's like starting to have a

full panic attack right um and she calls

Zach like ask him a question about um

like email marketing campaigns or

something and just like when he picks up

he's like hey baby and she's like what's

your open rate and he's like uh I don't

know let me ask Josh like are you okay

and she's like I just need to know what

the rate is and she's like he like tells

her she's hyperfocused yes and he's like

are you okay and she's like yeah I'm

fine like and he's like it doesn't seem

like you are and Zach and Josh are out

so Zach texts Luke and is like hey hey

you need to go check on Lea and he's

like why would I go check on Lea like

what's wrong he's like I talked her on

the phone she didn't sound right so Luke

they they the guys all have like a

shared key to her apartment at this

point you know right um and so he goes

over and like she like doesn't open the

door and when he opens it he's like it

looks like a [ __ ] bomb went off in

her place like papers are everywhere and

like he's like hey like Lila and she's

like I'm fine I'm good like you you

don't don't worry about me like you can

leave and he's like uh

go away please yeah like no you don't

need to be here and that just kind of

keeps so he's like he goes back into her

room finds her on the floor like she's

clearly not okay not okay um and is like

she's having a full breakdown and he

helps her sort through a few things and

like finds the like statement that she

couldn't find and all all that stuff and

he's like hey send that over to your

supplier and then you and I are like

we're going to go out there's a baride

wanted to try let's just go get a drink

we just need some some distance in space

right um she agrees and they go to the

bar they're having a cute moment she's

definitely in better spirits they're

like kind of cuddling and she's like you

really like don't remember me um at all

from high school and Luke was like it

wasn't my best year and my my best space

um and he asks if she's going to the

reunion and she's like ah and he's like

oh I go every year and she's like really

why and he's like well it was such a

great high school and like such low

exclusion rates like starts touting all

of the incredible things about the

school and how much he like loved being

a teacher there and she's like yeah my

time there was a special kind of hell

every day was torture and he's like we

had very different experiences but he's

like wait what like what do you all of

the students love that that like how

could this be possible like truly he

cannot conceptualize that school was not

great for her right

um and um they're getting closer they're

like about to kiss and then a team like

scores on the television and like just

kind of one of those moments um she goes

to the bar to get them refills and

suddenly she hears someone be like oh

there's 2B Thompson or like whatever her

last name is and she's like [ __ ] that is

not the voice I want to hear and it's

this guy Donnie that she um Donald

Donnie Donnie Pritchard I think

something just sounds like a jackass

doesn't he no offense if your husband's

name is Don Pritchard but like it just

he sounds like the bully in a' 70s

Middle School I was going to say that's

a very's 80s villain yes Donnie or Dawn

yeah yeah you're not wrong that

is I was just thinking of

Biff Biff and

Dawn also my baby's hair is growing

perfectly straight up and I I'm like I

frequently look at my baby I'm like my

name's Biff

pant is like stop doing it is straight

up and blonde it's so cute though it is

he looks like he's stuck his finger in a

light socket he does and my mom's like

oh did you style it I was like Mom it

just grows straight up like that at this

point in time

um so yeah Donnie is like talking to her

at the bar and just like making comments

about high school um she is starting to

lose it and have a full meltdown and is

um she was like yeah Technically she's

like well I told the guys I've never had

a boyfriend technically d and I dated

for like a week in high school before

like [ __ ] hit the fan um and so as

that's happening Luke comes up to her at

the bar to check on her and Donnie is

like what like Mr Martins like what what

are you doing here with tuggy and she

just like loses her [ __ ] and like Martin

is like tuggy doesn't sound good no and

Martin is like why is he calling you

tuggy and she just like walks out of the

bar MH um and it like starts to have a

meltdown outside it's like he comes

outside Luke does not Donnie but like

Luke comes outside to check on her and

we learn like so she didn't put out when

Donnie wanted to and then he just told

rumors the whole school anyway to the

point that like she got a reputation for

being the school slag when she was like

I was a virgin I'd never touched anyone

even the teachers would like I would

bring up the fact that I was getting

harassed to school staff they wouldn't

do anything about it um and Luke is like

how like feels so guilty because he's

like I was her teacher I should have

caught this I should have known that

should have like never been her

experience um and then he's like why did

you never say anything and he's like as

soon as I said that I knew that was not

the right thing to say um and she's like

cuz I [ __ ] did like this isn't like

we we'll get more of those details but

like when he's trying to ask her like

more details about what happened she's

just like I don't want to tell you and

he's never had like always been that

safe space and was always like the

teacher people went to and has made his

life helping people and teaching and so

he's like I've truly [ __ ] up if she

doesn't feel safe that she could tell me

whatever this is and feels very horrible

and guilty about that so this is like a

reality check for him about yes his

identity really yeah yeah yeah and

so he ends up he's like I need to take

this call and like walks away for a few

minutes and ends up calling Josh and

telling having Josh come pick her up um

and Josh comes picks her up just like

when they get back to he's like do you

want me to come in and she's like well

you're my fake boyfriend like would a

boyfriend come in and SP the night and

so he Josh comes over nothing intimate

happens they like just like holds her

and Comforts her throughout the the

night nice yes the next morning Luke is

still feeling real guilty and it

actually has cut to Zach's perspective

and Zach is like why the [ __ ] is Luke

dragging me to this bougie breakfast

spot like what is happening and it was

because Luke felt so guilty he like

dropped like 50 bucks on breakfast for

like every

like and like Zach go pick it up with

him he's like what do I do expensive

breakfast feels right her favorite

little breakfast spot I'm like going to

get breakfast from there like is really

yeah has like realized he he may be

[ __ ] up there

so um when they get to her place Zach is

like about to go to the bedroom and Luke

is like you're just going to walk into

the bedroom and he's like 7 a. on a

Saturday where else is she going to be

she's going to be like right if you

wanted to eat the breakfast we got to go

into the bedroom and so Zach goes in but

Luke kind of like stays out initially

and then Zach is like I don't know what

happened he spent a lot of money on

breakfast for you like you just need to

eat the breakfast like I don't just eat

the food yeah kind of in that energy and

she's like well if I'm GNA tell you guys

what happened I don't want to repeat it

so she tells all of them about the full

High School kind of experience and I

think that's where we actually got more

details about like what Donnie said and

did and like to the point where like she

would hear um like when she would be

going to the office to try and talk to

staff about it she'd hear them being

like Oh like that Thompson girl again

like right and just those things and so

Luke is then


well before Luke says anything she then

takes out from under her bed a full box

where she has printouts of all of the

emails that she cced herself on and the

responses she got and the lack of like

anyone doing anything like she brought

receipts for how horrible her High

School experience was right yes yeah um

and so then Luke is like well if if you

went to everyone in the school why like

you said you went to all of the schools

staff but I don't remember you coming to

me did you and she's

like yeah I did here's the email it well

she had apparently asked him to like

meet her during his lunch block and had

like scheduled a time and he never

showed for the meeting oh no um which

like he feels guilty about but she's

also like you were going through a


like this is not on you that you did not

catch this like you had a very real

thing happening but then he's sitting

there feeling all guilty right because

he's like he's like

um my divorce pales in comparison to a

girl being like bullied in her ass

within an inch of her life like those

are not the same thing so like she has

more grace and empathy for him than he

has for himself at this point yeah yeah

but also she has very much taken that

like I will rise above and prove all of

these haters wrong and like never make

myself vulnerable or put myself in a

situation where someone could hurt me

again which then when you look at why

she's horrible at dating right right

seems obvious yeah we connect some dots

there right um but Luke does continue to

try and like throw himself a pity party

and she gets mad about it because she's

like this isn't your thing I was the one

getting bullied this is my thing damn it

I was the one getting harassed why are

you making this about you like

absolutely not um and she's like stop

treating me like your student it is a

long time in the past and then he ends

up kissing her um

and then like pulls back and she's like

we're not doing that and then she takes

off her shirt and she's like let me give

you some


titties what incentive they are I mean

you're not wrong I know titties are

great incentive they are do you think it

goes all the way back to breastfeeding

like people think I don't

know I mean I think they're just fun and

jiggle they I mean kind of like

balls balls are so

fun am I am I alone in my thought

process here

no did I make you feel uncomfy I feel

like like balls are so fun am I right

and and then I'm like oh didn't mean to

put you on the spot no I was thinking

about that boobs are really fun and I

have a lot up top and so sometimes I

just do what I want to do and Matt is

like what are you

doing and I'm like I'm having a good

pause pause

pause sometimes I do what I want to

do can I ask I'm what what what does

that mean nothing really like like like

Bongos Bongos um I have a friend who

also well historically had very large

boobs mhm then had lost a substantial

amount of weight and so has some some

loose skin and has recently been

breastfeeding and had been wearing loose

shirts initially and had just been

taking her boob out like whipping it out

of the top of her like the collar of her

shirt every time and I was dying

laughing I was talking to her and she's

like Chelsea like my family was over

like I don't have that much mobility and

she's like and the shirt top was a

little bit tighter and she's like I

swear to God it took me 10 minutes

before I I could go under and didn't

have to go

over and I was in tears oh my God

amazing the the level of sleep

deprivation and you're just trying to

feed you're like mon old baby and you're

like how do I get my boob out of the

shirt over or

under well not even considering under as

an option it's just over is the only

choice it's over or bus

this child will go hungry that's awesome

right yeah so then Zach hears them like

hears Luke and Lila in the kitchen and

then comes out and it's kind of

like so can we join if we can't join

Josh and I are going to go back to our

place real fast just need to know if

this is a one-on-one situation yeah like

as Zach is also like grabbing his crotch

and being like I need to know if I can

join or not so I can make some important

life decisions about how my morning is

going to


um yeah then Leila's response is like

well like is everybody

clean like very practical she yeah and

then they have a foresome which like luk

is apparently like

the caveman domineering will direct the

scene sure kind of energy but I'll say

for as much as they described him as

like kind of being a little bit more

like cavem Manny in that way

I've read way cavem maner right like I

did it didn't like we' read books where

I'm like o no not that and this I was

like this just feels like some general

guidance and Direction so like light top

energy more than like full

Dom that's how I experienced it okay um

I would be curious if other people felt

the same way but when I was reading it I

I just think for like the level of like

books that we've read when you're like

oh like when someone is fully sending

the full full D energy versus this I'm

like yeah I mean like he's like make her

wet and they're like

okay well like I just finished a book

where the guy was like you know I like

to dominate whatever whatever and it was

like some light choking and I was like

okay like did you see the tweet that was

going back around that was like yeah my

room roommate my freshman you're at

college the first he's like listen this

isn't high school anymore this is

college going to be bringing a lot of

girls back here maybe even some guys

like you better get on board like this

ain't high school he's like so anyways

he brought one woman back who's now his

wife yes like literally that where it

was like I've never Unleashed fully with

anyone before are you ready baby and

she's like yeah and he's like lightly

choking and like a little ass play and

she's like and it's out to be like a

massive deal and it's like a okay talk

to arson or Axel or diesel and get back

to me on this exactly like there was no

knife involved can we really say it was

that bad right

um so things continue to go well I do

make a specific note for some reason

forsome transpires first Venture into

anal play which goes back in the

conversation we were having in the last

episode about like

there's only so many sexual partners

that you can bring into a situation

before your ass is also a part of that

situation right right at least

personally that is my current thought

process future Chelsea reserves the

right to change her mind with more

information but logistically that's

where I'm landing well it does always

come back to Logistics yeah how many

holes right how do you access the holes

right yeah how many hands what are your

feet doing like there's a lot happening

well we had that whole day where we had

a full conversation about trying to get

your feet in involved so I again I just

finished a different book oh oh okay mm

about a chick who was a Madam in Vegas

okay and then met a guy and it was a

whole thing and she becomes a part of

this group of women and they're all

talking about like weird sex stuff and

they're like hold up hold up you have to

have some weird stories like you have to

like what's the weirdest thing that's

ever happened and she's like well I was

with a guy who didn't want me to shower

for 24 hours before we were together and

they were like well that's not that

weird she's like I wasn't allowed to

wear deodorant they're like well and she

was like and then he would have sex with

my armpit and they were like what how

much did that pay and she was like 10

grand and they were like I would let

somebody do that for 10 grand I let

someone come in my armpit for 10 grand

right yeah no I'm not going to pretend

otherwise I mean I'm not going to

advertise for it you're right I'm not

taking it I'm not taking out a billboard

this is not something that is I'm I'm

putting out there for the general public

but should anyone ever approach me and

that's and quite frankly I don't think

Vance is going to disagree I think Vance

going to go sounds like a deal right

like oh could we pay off our credit

cards in the new car that I just bought

sure yeah you do what you need to do

exactly like love you baby good for you

high five like the worst thing is that

you have a little bit of seen in your

armpit I've had worse

things I'm not touching that okay I

realized it as I said it let's next

podcast recording um they're discussing

that Luke has joined the segment um fans

are very excited and for the record with

how the book is written there will be

chapters that are just like the podcast

transcript then there will be like the

next chapter that's like tweets that

like fans have like responded to the

show so there is like some of that fun

dynamic as as well um but one of the

things that Lila recommends when they're

talking about like the show just as a

whole as they're recording and she

recommends that Zach do like a segment

on grieving a partner um and Zach isn't

really like receptive like kind of like

shuts down a bit which she realizes and

she just kind of like

moves on

um so you you can tell it's it's still

tender throughout cuz and I can't

remember if it's here or at another

point but another Point Luke brings up

the thought of him doing that segment

while recording as well and Zach gets

like really pissed and like shuts him

down like less passively than he did

with Lea right but I did make note cuz I

was laughing really hard um in the

podcast transcript um one of the

questions that they received was like my

boyfriend wants me to sit on his face

but I'm bigger and I'm nervous and Lea's

like I'll take that question exact

response I don't know how strong the

human head is and I don't think it

matters there's no weight capacity sit

on his face and if he dies he dies it's

her official podcast

advice I feel like if you give that

advice though like you need

to have some kind of legal disclaimer

because I I feel like with my look

somebody would die like if I gave that

advice somebody would die and I'd get

sued oh my god did I ever tell you about

when I was talking I had I had a therapy

client and she had very specific set

goals that she was like I want to like

buy a house I want to do the like and so

we were talking about buying a house and

I was like listen I'm not even saying

you need to schedule a showing I was

like but look on on Zillow look on redin

start like just like dip your toe in

that water look in the general area see

what there is like just kind of trying

to warm her up to the idea then we made

it where I was like okay you don't need

to put an offer in you can just go to an

open house you can schedule a showing

like just really it's like exposure

therapy yes it was like exposure therapy

for buying a house she showed up in

session the next week I'm like oh like

hey how's your week not great Chelsea

I'm like oh [ __ ] okay yeah tell me what

happened well I went to see a house and

I was like

o okay and she's like yeah the owners

have an underground German Shepherd

fighting ring and they breed the dogs in

their house and we didn't know and

opened the door and there were like 20


Shepherds like it was like a bad

situation oh my God she's like I was

just trying to go see a house and I was

like you cannot put this one on me how

was I supposed to know there was an

underground dog fighting ring at the

house that you went to view that's not

normal outcome for going to an open

house in fairness to

you it's not a normal

outcome I was like I might not always

give great feedback in session but that

one cannot be pinned on

me yeah I I still think about her I hope

she's well she did buy a house it was

not that house good good yeah yeah um so

as their relationships are progressing

um it's Mother's Day Lea's actually like

I kind have a break today like all the

orders are done like I'm just kind of

vibing she's like I'm going to like

dress up feel a little sexy go over to

the guy's place see what's up and then

as she's getting over there it's dark

and she's like wait I forgot they said

that they were like leaving town for

mother's day but then she hears the

sound and Josh's is there alone Josh's

mother had passed away when he was 19

and he's like not doing well and he's

sitting at his desk and he is responding

to all of the emails for advice that the

podcast guys get and she's like looking

on a shelf and seeing he has like

psychology teex books and relationship

textbooks and like takes it very very

seriously um yeah so he's spending like

what is a horrible day for him alone

just responding to people's relationship

advice and she's like We're going to

stop and we're going to like go and like

take a break and he's like I'm not

feeling like I'm not in the mood to like

be sexy or romantic and she's like well

I'm a little offended um because that's

obvious nor was I asking and he's like

well you clearly came here dressed up

she's like and then I saw you

and realized that maybe my outfit wasn't

the most appropriate we recalibrated yes

she's like I can change clothes believe

it or not we don't have to stay here so

they just have a really sweet night like

on the couch she just takes care of him

and I think it really just

solidifies how he feels for her right

cuz he's always had feelings for her and

now it's like more than a crush kind of

deal yes um which is kind of starting to

be the trajectory for all of them like

the podcast is continuing to do well and

Luke asks Leila to be his date to his

ex's wedding ah yeah who was also her

former head mistress let us remember

right um and so she's like okay like I

I'll go with you and cuz Zach is going

because Zach has known the groom since

he was a toddler because he's best

friends with like it's Josh's brother so

like they're all there together and the

guys are like we're going to book a

suite for a few days we're going to make

it like a special like romantic getaway

we're going to like make it a whole

thing because she's been working so hard

it's not about the wedding it's about us

spending time together got it um we also

find out I forgot from like the

breakdown night situation Leila had

applied there's a like lingerie designer

she really loves in New York that she'

applied for like kind of like an

internship scholarship kind of thing um

and we find out that she got offered the

scholarship opportunity and so the guys

are all exited for her um and she's

talking about like yeah well um if that

would mean like probably like moving to

New York and I they're like well like

visiting New York and she like well no

like that's kind of the next step like

I'd love like set up a brick and mortar

there and like they're like yeah and

they're like wait what no you why you

don't need to move to New York we aren't

in New York we're

here um which like leads to a

conversation about her hiding behind

work and not really being vulnerable and

not really putting herself out out there

and then like the guys kind of push in

on like cool we can totally see like you

go to New York and just work your ass

off and like don't have a life and like

nothing is going to change if you move

to New York kind of energy what about

your 10year plan of getting married and

having kids and whatever yeah well and

so then the guys decide it's time to

have a lesson on control and

vulnerability and they just tie her to


bed yeah they start with her hands but

then she could move her feet and so then

they tied her ankles as well

okay yeah yeah so the next logical step

here you get it yeah is that not the

next logical step

um my exact notes they Edge her for over

an hour she's so worked up as soon as a

dick is inside of her she convulses on

it she convulses on everyone and they

convulse on


so people may disagree with me but the

idea of

convulsions doesn't do it for me

personally convulsions I think of a

seizure when I think of a convulsion

yeah I would say it the word was being

used more as a poor synonym than as an


representation fair enough she was not

seizing okay good on their dick yeah

yeah that would be traumatic but also

ing for over an

hour Lily gold really in to

edging I've read this book and as I said

I'm reading another one by her that's

also RSE herum that um is like a famous

movie star actress who has a stalker and

three three guide security team there's

a lot of edging in that one

too kind of kind of their thing

apparently like like to the point where

I'm like is this is this too much edging

in this book is this too much not be

well it's one thing to like describe a

bit of edging and be like and it went on

for an hour but it's another thing to

like describe it well so it started as

like the guys were kind of teasing her

and they were edging her and then she

was like game on and then the next

chapter starts and it was like an hour

later I was in tears and like

a you okay over there yeah well it's

like I was what I thought was of

SpongeBob when it's like an hour later

like or whatever yes yeah yeah like that

that little cutaway scene yeah is

exactly what happened um so then Lila

gets an email about another email about

the um opportunity in New York that's

like hey we booked your flight it's next

Sunday and the GU like wait what next

Sunday um and that Saturday the guys are

supposed to do a recording um a live

recording at a like podcast convention

where like their their show has been

doing so well that they've been moved

the largest Auditorium tickets have sold

out for this it's like a huge huge deal

so they're like okay why don't we do the

final closing with you at the podcast um

convention on Saturday and that'll kind

of be the big closing before you leave

on Sunday is the the rough thought but

like all the guys are like a bit like

somber and like aren't loving it yeah

um yeah Luke and

Zach put some Beno beads in her vag

before the ceremony is where we're going

next with us before the the wedding yeah

before the wedding

ceremony it's not a paranormal book

there's no other ceremonies happening I

was like is there a ceremony at the

podcast convention is there an award C

tou no touche so at because there the

hotel is where the wedding is which when

we also get there apparently it's where

Luke got married oh no and Lea's like

wait this is where you got married to

Amy and he's like

yeah she apparently couldn't it doesn't

really seemed like she wanted to be

bothered with planning a new wedding

like same invitation template same

same like same wedding different groom

no 10 years later same wedding different

groom more than 10 cuz they've been

divorced 10 yeah no yes like Luke is

like obviously not yeah thriving in that

that situation um so gives himself a

little distraction shov some metal beads

up his girl's coot coot before the

ceremony yeah um and then at the

ceremony like Zach like sticks his hand

under her dress and is like fingering

her like trying to like be about it then

she gasps then people look and so then

she's just like super on edge the entire

ceremony between the beads and getting

fingered sure yeah which I'm like fair

enough well that is a lot mhm after

the was it earlier that day after the

edging I don't know it's too much that's

a long

time um because then it's a lot to sit

through yeah because they stay in her

throughout a lot of the reception

ah like those are in there yeah for a

good amount of time and at the reception

like Zach and Lila are like cozying

having fun but she's very aware of like

she's seeing former teachers there and

she's there as Luke's date but is like

cozy with Zach and is just like aware of

the comments and the right what did they

call her tuggy Thompson is what Don

called her whatever yeah like two pound

Thompson and tuggy Thompson and kind of

like just those like super like

derogatory shitty nicknames

um then as they as she's standing there

as Lea standing there with Zach Rob and

Amy Rob is the groom they come up I'm

just and like Rob looks at Zach and he's

like thanks so much for coming um Josh

told me you probably like wouldn't be

able to make it today so like really

means the world to me that like you were

you were able to to make it and Zach and

like what and then it Dawns on him that

it's the anniversary of Emily's passing

and he completely forgot oh no that it

was the annivers of her death and so

then he starts to like have a full

meltdown because he's like I can't

believe I forgot I always like I go to

her grave every year we have the full

thing and completely he's like I've been

too caught up in this oh my God I can't

believe I like I'm such a [ __ ] human so

he's having a full meltdown and like

leaves for a few moments when he leaves

for a few moments Josh just like comes

right up takes Zach's Place realizes

there's some beads inside of Leila and

fingers her in the bathroom before he

has to go take photos photos with the

beads still in there with the beads

still in there okay yeah I think Zach

Zach takes them out next in like the

next okay okay that like yeah but no

they were still there so [ __ ] long

okay do you disagree no like no I I was

actually thinking about um so I work in

a residential

facility and we have to do luggage

searches right um

and things are often

found toys yeah so do you guys allow

your no do they can't keep their toys

can they no no

so bat my my husband works in intake

where we work and he was telling me the

other night he got home late because he

was assisting with a a luggage luggage

search and the ra like just reached in

into the bag nope

barehanded with yes that's the correct

resp without a glove on and

she she pulled out a butt

plug and Matt was like I just told her

baby girl that's why you wear gloves

every time and and you know what that's

a mistake she's not going to make twice

never again never again she will

remember for the rest of her life she

she raw dogged butt

plug luckily she only R doed it in her

hand but still oh my God I don't even

know no of all of the [ __ ] from like

working Community Mental Health and like

resident like yeah that y yep yep yep so

then oh

no my husband got the like bags the the


uh bubble wrap bags that we put valuable

in and he put them in there and put them

in valuables in the

safe and the girls who work the safe

were really upset and he was like you

guys there was a heart-shaped Jewel in

there you never know it could have been

valuable it could have been

real it could have been

valuable and you know what it was

valuable enough to them that they wanted

to bring it with them mhm and also

question where would it go if you're

like it's not going with their valuables

that they'll get back after they've been

here and it's not going with them onto

the unit right where does it go we do

return to Luggage So luggage is kept in

a separate building um and so we'll do

return to luggage for things that aren't

valuable but things we don't want them


have I stand by Matt's decision that

shit's hilarious it was really funny

especially to be the girls to be like

absolutely not and he's like it could be

valuable there was a jewel in there

there was a jewel

um so as Lila's getting finger blasted

by Josh Luke is talking to his ex-wife

who's like I can't believe you would

bring Lea like and she recognized her as

she's like what are you doing here and

she's like I can't believe you bring her

you know like what her reputation was at

the school and I saw her kissing um Josh

and Zach ear like and she's like clearly

like not faithful to you and but then

she also told him she's like you know

before we got married my like my family

didn't like you and didn't think it

would last and like as soon as I like

put the ring on at the ceremony like I

knew we wouldn't last either and Luke is

standing there having a breakdown

because he's like I thought we would

last like I did not marry you thinking

it was temporary I thought you were my

forever person


and so his ex-wife is like I I just want

to make make sure you don't miss the

warning signs again is kind of the

energy so it's like I'm being extremely

cruel but I'm helping you yes it's

because I care about you that I like get

to like be a complete ass to this other

human um so then we cut back to um ilila

and Zach he has now taken her outside to

like a secluded place in in the gardens


and the beads do come out of her and he

[ __ ] her in the

shrubs I'm sure they were nice shrubs it

was a nice hotel I don't know when




so are you familiar with the band

electric callboy or Eskimo callboy they

changed their name recently no they're a

German band okay and they're techno slal

okay and in their video for a song

called We Got the Moves one of them like

is very obviously [ __ ] violating a

bush like he's tonging a bush and that's

all I could think about when you just

said they banged in a shrub I was like

Kevin would be into that because I

thought of what was that like old prank

show like probably like late 9s early

2000s it was like more it was like more

like a sketch comedy kind of prank show

but I just remember there was AED camera

no it wasn't candid camera but I

remember there was a like walk through

um like hedge maze oh okay but um they

had a person Drop Like dressed up and

they dropped them in in a shrub costume

to block one of the entry points so like

someone like walks in and like starts to

walk towards the end of the the maze

Lane and they go oh this is closed on

this side so they try and walk back the

other way but the person dressed as the

maze shrub has like shuffled in so then

the person is like shut in this Maze and

like wait how do I get out right that's

what it that's what it made me think of

but he [ __ ] her in whatever sort of

shrub maze topiary sure Greenery

situation this this was and then she

tells him that she loves him yep

oh no and then he goes I can't do this

anymore and calls it off and she's real

pissed she's um she's dare I say big mad

Hannah not big mad she big mad oh no and

Zach is like you knew what this was like

we said friendship first and she's like

I'm sorry you came inside of me 3

seconds ago it's still currently

dripping down my leg and you're dumping

me that's not how you treat a friend so

no there is no friendship left our

relationship is over and he's like no

like that's not like what like good for

her though and she's like that's not how

you treat friends absolutely

not um and so then she's like I'm out

she's on her way back while she's on her

way back she overhears the conversation

between Luke and Amy where Amy's calling

her a slag and warning him off of her um

and she's not having a good night she is

not having a good night at all um and

so did Luke see Zach take off or


um I think like Zach texted Luke

something like check on Lea or something

and then Luke finds her in their like

hotel room and she's like packing her

bag and she's like I'm out I'm not I'm

not staying here for all this and then

Luke is also in his head where he

doesn't want to miss all of the warning

sign and doesn't want to risk it again

and I think it's also like he's seeing

all of these people at this wedding that

he thought he was marrying into this

family right so these people that he had

relationships with right that you then

haven't seen that like doesn't mean they

didn't matter to you like so I think

he's just kind of reconciling he's like

I'm not willing to risk it again and I

think maybe like Zach was right but he

says to Lea he's like I don't know if I

can be with a girl like you and she's

like what's a girl like me who's a girl

like me what does that mean are you

saying girl like me because I'm too

pretty like is that is that what you

mean here like you're saying you can't

be with me because I'm too

pretty but I'm just too [ __ ] because

I'm I'm pretty okay like it's having

that full kind of conversation with

she's not having it no yeah she's like

yeah she's like what do you mean by a

girl like me she's like I deserve better

than this I knew you were a coward I'm

out mhm and so she wants again she also

tells him that she was falling for him M

and he's like I'm still calling it

so this is like another one bites the

dust where she so she chooses to be

vulnerable and be honest about how she

feels and they don't handle it well and

she's like okay well I'm not going to

sit here and beg so I'm out yeah and I

also like wouldn't say her responses are

like super overly exaggerated like right

not like Ultra dramatic or anything yeah

I'm like no I I totally understand where

when Zach is like well our friendship

matters more and she's like how are you

treating me like a friend right now this

isn't how you treat people you care

about this isn't how you treat friends

so no um Luke end up heading home and he

just like they but like Josh has to stay

at the wedding like Josh doesn't know

all of this is happening um and it's his

brother's wedding that he's like the

[ __ ] best man at right so I think

they just like let Josh know that they

were headed back to um the apartment and

the next morning like Zach gets back to

the apartment still drunk wreaking of

alcohol um but also has a meltdown

because he realizes Emily's ring is

missing oh no yeah and like has a full

full meltdown yeah

um what happens from there I don't

really remember everyone was mad Josh

get like Josh gets back to the apartment

and like yeah screams at like Luke and

Zach and it's like the [ __ ] did y'all do

right where's Leila yeah

like and like and as they're telling him

he's like you didn't think that like how

you handled all this would impact her

given her history and what we know about

like Josh being the one who like they

all are obviously in love with her but

Josh being the one who's like yeah y'all

are really being selfish pricks right

now you really didn't think this one

through did you yeah well and he's been

in love with her the longest or at least

acknowledged his feelings the longest ex

um so then also a day after the wedding

as like they're having this full

conversation all of the guys are um they

we learned that there are some photos

that have been leaked of Lea from the

wedding with all of the different guys

and isn't she supposed to be going to

New York on Sunday isn't this Sunday the

day after the wedding no the podcast

convention it's it's the week before

okay okay yeah um what was I saying

about photos released yes so she's

everyone on listening to the podcast

like oh like she's fake dating all of

them who will she choose at the end it's

clear they're all like

for each kind of so it's like the

bachelor I don't think quite the

bachelor I just think all of these

people are invested then suddenly they

see photos of her like kissing each of

the guys at a public event and then it

just kind of like made her a slag again

and like Public Enemy Number One and

then she's leading all of them on yeah

all of the like everyone is like I can't

believe she's cheating on like and so

she's just getting destroyed in

like completely destroyed and the guys

had like released a statement um that

was just kind of like a like vague like


like you might not have all the context

please respect our privacy kind of

energy um and that was the only thing

that like the Guys released so she's

hiding out in a hotel and it's like

that's all they've released they're not

defending me they clearly don't care

like so she's just really struggling at

this point um at the podcast mention the

guys are still like all pissed at each

other for how this like it's like a week

later things have not resolved between

all of them and all of the attendees

they're like okay we're going to do a

Q&A and every question is about Ila

right obviously every where is she did

she cheat on you and they like don't

know how to respond they don't know what

to do and then [ __ ] Donnie Pritchard

comes up to ask a question on the

mic and like I guess you see kind of

like Luke's response to him and then

when Zach puts together who Donnie

Pritchard is he jumps off off the stage

and punches him in the face and yeah and

attacks a fan um so then everyone's

like this podcast just attacked it we

are spiraling out of control yes and

Zach may be realizing

huh maybe I'm a little bit in love with

ilila I could maybe have

feelings maybe that's not a normal

response right potentially um Leila as

she's just been hiding and she like I'm

not doing any of this she had reached

out to um the company in New York and

was like here's my extension through the

hotel and just turned off her phone

she's like I'm not doing any of

this so she um the guys have all

realized post podcast meltdown they love

her they want to get her back they need

to make this right right she is like all

right I'm on my way to America I'm

moving on this is a horrible way to end

everything here but I I can't fathom

going back to my apartment I'm just done

I'm done yeah yeah um so she gets to the

airport and gets up to check in to find

out that her flight has been

cancelled because the owner of the

laundry company is a huge fan of the

podcast and didn't want her ruining

their brand so I was going to say I hope

that it's not one of those where like

the guys all run into the the airport at

the last minute or

whatever cuz it I mean I mean it's still

not we're not at the end yet I mean it

still could be but like that's well but

I just told you it's not going to happen

that's a Twist but that whole like oh no

so this is having like Rippling effects

for her life she thought she was getting

away for a fresh start and it's like

just kidding you're still a [ __ ] to

everybody else yes um and she's like I

really can't escape this and I don't

know what this even means for my company

because I had so many new buyers and

clients that were fans of the podcast

and like where does that kind of like

leave me so she just kind of sits down

and is trying to figure out her next

steps and her phone is like blowing up

from all of the messages that she

finally turned it back on that she

hadn't really received for the last

couple weeks cuz she called to be like

what the [ __ ] and they're like we're

sorry this is the decision and the job

is no longer

available um but everyone's like you

like the guys are doing a live recording

and the episode was called like the

apology tour her and so

she um at the airport like takes out her

headphones and sits down and starts

listening to the podcast where the guys

are just like answering live questions

shutting down everything clarifying

things Zach is talking about the grief

of losing a partner and the impact of

that um like when like they're getting

like they've explained everything and

then people are still writing comments

like I I don't know it still kind of

seems like she cheated on you and

they're like

she didn't haven't we taught y'all to be

more open-minded about like group

relationships and things like that and

are really so she tweets at them and

it's like I'm listening it was like all

she says um and the guys see it and are

like please come home like we really

like we we miss you we want to apologize

in person um and so when she ends up

going back to the apartment and this is

the part that annoyed me I'm just like

this is this is the part what a setup

she walks in and she's like

like I like they like are all so excited

to see here and so relieved and they've

been recording for a while they tell her

they're like we were going to do 48

Hours of live recording and then if you

didn't respond that was like our only

like that was going to be like our last

ditch effort cuz like we had no we

didn't know what hotel you were at you

had your phone off so they were going to

do 48 Hours of live recording before

they called it okay which

logistically again yeah have some

questions about but that's not the part

that me the part that know me is that

she walks in and they're all like so

relieved and excited and she's just like

I'll never trust you like I'm moving

like we're done I swear three pages

later she'd forgiven them it was one of

those where I was like

we the I I get that this is where this

was going but I I honestly felt and I

don't say this often I felt like there

should have been a little more graveling

yeah I felt like we like just resolved

it a little too quickly well because all

of that is a major violation of trust

right to like put yourself out there for

somebody even one person and have them

reject you in that way like how can you

trust them moving forward and so just to


like okay it's like well especially

given how um that's been like the whole

thing the whole strong minded she's been

this whole time like how One how much

she's overcome and how much she's like


I'm never going to put in these

positions again like and I get that like

the guys did really own that they [ __ ]

up so they resolve everything she

forgives them they're they all end up

together um and then she invites all

three of them to be her date to her High


reunion okay so I'm like oh we're just

kind of like really fully sending it the

other way now we're like you didn't want

to be seen on a date in public with but

now you're like [ __ ] it it's all over

the news everyone knows I'm just going

to own that this is who I am and that

these are my men and so she she takes

all three of them um to the reunion with

her Donnie Pritchard is there and he's

been threatening a lawsuit against Zach

with all of the stuff and um well I mean

he did get punched in the face very

publicly all of the stuff all of you

know the public assault when I say all

of the stuff I guess I really mean the

public assault fair enough yes but Leila

talks to him and is like she also has

proof and evidence of [ __ ] he had done

and he's like trying to run for office

and he's like please don't destroy me

she's like I literally don't think about

you just like leave us the [ __ ] alone

and we'll leave you the [ __ ] alone I

won't release anything like right it

doesn't need to be a thing it's not

worth it to me yes right but if you make

it worth it mhm it's a separate issue

yeah so Amy is there because she was the

former head mistress or she's still the

current head mistress but then more is

coming up about um the the bullying and

such still and like what Lea's

experience was and um like Amy's like

publicly shaming Leila again and Luke is

like the [ __ ] not and is apparently

still on the board with the school and

starts doing an investigation to realize

that like the school didn't have like

great rates when it came to like

exclusion and bullying or things like

that it was that um the head mistress

was sweeping it all all under the rug

and so it was yeah like he realized that

the school like gets her

fired the whole thing thing um and gets

that victory of getting to Advocate and

protect his students and for like that

affirm his identity as a person who

cares and is willing to step up for

people and be there for them yeah yeah I

think you've honed in on the identity

piece more than I did when I was reading

it but I but I do see what you mean yeah

um yeah well I'm just thinking for

myself it's important to me that like I

advocate and support the people that I

work with

and so if somebody were to come to me 10

years later someone to tell you that you

[ __ ] it right like I told you that

this awful thing was going on and you

did nothing I would be like H like o

that's like destroyed how I view myself

and how I interact with the world 1,000

person yeah um no I I totally see that I

think it like I think reading it felt

more like a side plot thing in the

moment to me than it felt like the main

thing but even at that I'm I'm right

there with you that's all ultimately the

end of the book the epilogue is that

they all get married on her 30th

birthday okay which was like her goal

was to be married by 30 right and so

it's sweet cuz they like bring up her

10e plan so she can like check it off on

the list and then they have her start

working on her uh Next plan for her 30s

so I have a question yeah about

that what are your thoughts on a wedding

on a holiday or a birthday or something



um I mean I think like Christmas would

be a weird one I have some friends who

have gotten married on like New Year's

Eve MH and that one doesn't bother me

and that one I'm like yeah you just have

a more excuse to celebrate every year

right right what are your thoughts well

I was just thinking about it because my


sometimes falls on Mother's day but that

wasn't on purpose yeah um when we got

the year we got married it was not

Mother's Day and so sometimes be weirder

if it was yeah um so sometimes it's

like but I think getting married on your

birthday might be a little weird like

not bad or wrong but like I would want a


day for you yes I see why why you would

want a separate day I think for her with

all that her birthday symbolized and


really achieving her goals and entering

the next era I think it was more

symbolic right

um I it wouldn't bother me to have my

birthday and anniversary on on the same

day I mean celebrate my birthday I

celebrate my anniversary more than I

celebrate my wedding

anniversary well because my husband's

birthday is March my birthday is July

and then our anniversary is October and

then there's just kind of the general

holidays right so it kind of gives us

like nice little points to celebrate um

but I'd say if we're taking a trip we're

normally doing more of a trip for like

his birthday or our anniversary as far

as like an actual us trip right cuz

being a July birthday being so close to

Fourth of July

yeah yeah I it doesn't the thought of it

doesn't bother me to like have them on

the the same date but I do enjoy not

having them on the same date right yeah

so what are your thoughts on that book

as a whole I mean it sounds really fun

and it also sounds like a a weirdly like

um plausible contemporary reverse Harum

if that makes sense yes because a lot of

times in these reverse harms like like

Dena vipers or some of these

others where there's no paranormal

situation it's like that would never

happen like that would never happen and

it's again or like the logistics where

it's like she's she's the mafia princess

from the Rival family and we're like the

three like Sons on this side and like

like they're like Romeo and Juliet yeah

so this one was really I'm like oh this

just feels like a comfort romcom that

happens to be a wide shoes yes yeah it

didn't feel reverse hermy yeah which is

a weird thing to read and be like

there's so many

dicks well it's just like the lack of

angst for me yes which is nice that's a

great way to word it the lack of angst

yeah cuz there's like enough drama where

you're invested but not so much that

it's like GH That's Heavy yeah or

ridiculous yeah it was all plausible it

was all light enough you were rooting

for everyone the whole time um I

thoroughly enjoyed it yeah what is our



um right I don't laerie sets I don't

know I don't know I was thinking like

recording mics for podcast I don't know

benw balls Ben W yep

done how how many did you ever watch

Archer the show Archer no I never did

it's always been on my list I've just

never made it there well it's fantastic

and in multiple episodes there is a

character named Ben Wa and anytime

somebody says Ben Wa Archer just goes

balls like at the end every time so now

every Ben balls benwa balls that's all I

think about is Archer um yeah

my my parents were selling a house and

they were um had some furniture that

they no longer needed so they were like

sending us pictures and I was like yep

I'll take that table no I don't want

that and my mom sent me a lamp and I was

like Mom is it the the sex lamp the one

that looks like anal beads yes the whole

thing and I that my parents were like

you and Vance have your minds in the

gutter I'm like you were the ones who

displayed this lamp in your home you

purchased it on purpose I'm the perv for

just acknowledging what we all saw as

the truth okay well so also we were once

playing um like that Fishbowl game and

um it was the where it was um it wasn't

charades it was more of what's what is

the game where you describe the thing

and people have to guess the thing uh is

it categories no categories is the list

one it's the most obvious thing in the

world that you and I are going to make

fun of ourselves for because this is

like loow hanging fruit that we can't

get you the moral of the story is that

the word my dad Drew was

fluffer and Vance and I I start laughing

my dad's like what like what's a fluffer

and then what we like told him what a

fluffer was why did that why was that

included in the

game yeah right after Ruth Bader

Ginsburg was an option I was like we're

just really covering our bases here you

got [ __ ] fluffers and

RBG yeah what a wide

variety but no my dad was like that's it

y'all are going to hell and I was like

for knowing what a fluffer is for

keeping myself educated and informed

rude um

are we Arin wall balls

are I mean I don't know what else we

would use um we could do lingerie sets

yeah so lingerie sets and that gives us

we can just do a half a set right so

that gives us to a bra or panties yeah

is there a garter belt right are there

stockings so many pieces for our decimal

point system um okay if let's say you

know what let's go big let's go 50

lingerie sets is the total number that's

not my rating okay I would rate


40 okay 40 lingerie sets Okay

um and a

bra okay so we're we're in solid B minus

territory with that yeah honestly I

would rate it like a solid I will I will

come back to this one hands down I know

like I will reread this one in the

future it's just like that like

Comfort kind of of book so I would rate

it yeah I would rate it probably a solid

B maybe not like B minus but like

actually solid so that would be like a

42 okay 42 sets no extra bras stop

asking you can't have

them it's too many all right 42 out of

50 lingerie sets yes and let us know

your thoughts would you add or subtract

a bra potentially um garter belt oh yeah


corset so many options so many um now

I'm just thinking about like all of kind

of like the joke stuff that you can get

at like sex shops or romance edible

stuff or yeah you're like edible lube or

like Flav not flavor Lube or edible

Underpants like things like that is what

I was thinking of

um we don't need to bring those into

this we can just bougie lingerie

sets um yeah we are giving it a solid B

maybe an A minus okay okay well let's

that feels I just never give anything

that high of a but now but at this point

I'm like what book would reach that

level cuz like the bar is set so high

with every single book I'm like the the

best I can do is four out of five you

know what I mean right that's a good

point but now I'm like what what book

could possibly get a five out of five we

may need to consider what is what is a

five out of five yeah very very fair um

I wouldn't say this one is quite there

for me within but I'd say it's a it's a

very solid read I would I personally

thoroughly enjoyed it um let us know

what y'all think and we'll see you next

time bye smut [ __ ] bye well that's it

for this week's smut [ __ ]

we hope it was good for you cuz it sure

was great for us if you're digging what

we're doing it would mean a lot if you'd

take a minute to rate and review the

show wherever you're listening right now

maybe tell that sexy someone to lend us

a here we love you we appreciate you and

we'll see you next week stay



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